As the leading WiFi solutions provider for the hospitality industry in the Philippines, Century Asia Corp. (CAC) offers a complete line-up of products and services with flexible payment schemes for a total hotel WiFi solution. For more information, please email us at

Internet Bandwidth
Scalable and reliable internet bandwidth with the following features:

  • Full Redundancy 
    CAC maintains internet bandwidth capacity from major telecommunication companies to provide full redundancy.  This eliminates service downtime which no single telecommunication company can claim.
  • Flexible Capacity
    CAC provides flexible and scalable bandwidth options to meet the ever-changing access requirements of a hotel. Our bandwidth will scale automatically to adjust to varying occupancy levels and can be increased to cater to special demands such as events and functions.

Network Equipment and Supplies
In partnership with the best-of-class suppliers, CAC offers proven and top-of-the-line equipment and supplies ranging from switches and access points, to connectors and cables.

Access Management Platform
Whether for-free or for-a-fee, the use of WiFi should be managed prudently and intelligently. CAC’s plug-and-play Authentication, Authorization and Accounting system allows the management of the user experience. Other functionalities of the software include setting of user access limits, and setting of plans and/or denominations, usage and validity, bandwidth utilization report and monitoring, and control of individual or group upload and download speeds.

Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance
CAC is manned by engineers and technicians with industry and technology-specific skills and expertise to plan, execute and operationalize tailor-fit WiFi networks.

Network  Monitoring
After investing in the network, it is necessary to ensure that the network runs and to be able to immediately become aware of and react to any problem that may arise. CAC’s mission-critical 24x7 Network Monitoring service keeps tab of each and every component of the network and issues alerts instantaneously as a problem occurs.

Desk Support Services
CAC’s 24x7 Desk Support is manned by a service-oriented team to address all guest queries and problems. From guiding the guests through the process of connecting to the internet to more elaborate concerns such as system configuration, our able staff is ready to help hotel guests with their every concern.

Field Support Services
Either permanently stationed or with a committed response time, our team of Field Support personnel can provide in-room assistance to hotel guests and quick response to any problem that may arise with the network.

Collateral Design and Printing 
Whether the hotel opts to provide WiFi service for-free or for-a-fee, customized cards add a nice touch to the total impression that the hotel wants to give to its guests. CAC assists in the design, layout and printing of the cards and other marketing collateral.

CAC prides itself in treating hotels as business partners rather than mere clients. With flexible payment schemes, the hotel and CAC may work hand-in-hand to deliver hassle-free WiFi service to the hotel guests.  Hotels may choose any, or even a combination, of the following:

Revenue Share
At completely no cost to the hotel, CAC shoulders all expense in building and maintaining a WiFi network and provide marketing collaterals to advertise the availability of the service. The package includes all of our products and services. The hotel simply sells the service to their guests and receives a share of the revenue in return.

Fixed Monthly Fee
For hotel owners or managers who would rather keep the revenue and/or give the service for free,  we can build and maintain a network for you and charge you a fixed monthly fee based on the number of rooms and areas covered.  For those with existing networks,  you may opt to add on any of our products and/or services to ensure the delivery of efficient and reliable services to your guests. The use of our Internet Bandwidth is optional.

Outright Purchase
For hotel owners or  managers who would rather build and own their networks, we also offer integration services on a turnkey basis. We can design, build and/or supply any or all the required equipment of your WiFi network requirements. The use of our Internet bandwidth is likewise optional.  You may likewise opt to add on any of our other support services for fixed monthly fees.